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Spiritual creaminess
The feeling of 'spiritual creaminess'

Did you know that the Lexi Cinema sends all its profits to support the Sustainability Institute in South Africa? We have a word with Sally Wilton, founder of the unique boutique cinema…

First things first – we’re a cinema. With a pretty interesting and varied programme. We sell really nice drinks, freshly popped popcorn and you can hire us for private screenings, wedding proposals, parties and corporate events. So, quite a good addition to the neighbourhood really.

On top of that, every penny of profit we make goes to charity – bonus! So if you come to watch, drink, or volunteer, you get to experience what Ace Ventura (in Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls – a more polished product than its predecessor, with impressive set-pieces, but perhaps lacking the same narrative conviction?)… calls: ‘spiritual creaminess’. And you don’t have to worry too much about that side of things – the beauty of the social enterprise business model is that you can go about your crazy busy life, buy products or services from social enterprises, enjoy those products or services, feel reasonably good about the morality of your transaction, go home, put your washing on, eat something, wash the kids/clothes/yourself, watch two episodes of Mad Men and get into bed. You’re making some kind of difference.

So… cinema, magic, dreams, reality, human needs, dreams, you know? Thought we should clear that up. Here’s Lexi founder/dreamer and longtime K-Rize resident Sally, on where the money goes:

Lynedoch Creche
Kids at the Lexi-funded creche in Lynedoch, SA.

‘When people ask me about The Lexi’s chosen charity, the South African based Sustainability Institute (SI), I say it is all about “Dreaming Great”.

The SI is based outside Stellenbosch in the Cape Winelands amidst an area of outstanding natural beauty populated by the richest of South Africans. But, scratch beneath the surface and you will find an underbelly of deprivation and violence, fuelled by generations of farm workers whose lives have been blighted by alcohol abuse. So rape, gangs and drugs are part of the toxic cocktail that kids have to navigate to carve out a different life from those of their parents and grandparents.

There needs to be some “Dreaming Great”! In partnership, our Lexi community and the SI are creating another life story for the farm worker children – starting with the pre school crèche, after school classes and events and, most recently, helping teenagers enter the world of work. And as part of this, we have created a safe, nurturing environment funding a new crèche building, activities for the kids, wonderful gardens to provide shade and places to ‘be’ and home grown vegetables which help to provide healthy food as well as food security for these youngsters.

Sally Wilton
Lexi founder and dreamer, Sally Wilton

And the best thing of all is that ‘Dreaming Great’ is working and growing, with The Lexi playing its part – WE are making a real difference.’


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