Massage in a bottle

There are massages and there are massages. And let’s be honest there’s nothing more unrelaxing than a disappointing one. So if you crave an hour-and-a-half body rub that is utterly therapeutic and tailored to you, head to Tabitha Robertson’s soothing studio on Dundonald Road… Oh, and it’s utterly organic. This is aromatherapy to the max.

Tabitha is trained as an aromatherapist with the Tisserand Institute with qualifications in Reiki, pregnancy and post-natal massage, Indian head massage and aromatic reflexology.

As well as having all the right moves, Tabitha works with the most incredible, all-natural aromatherapy products, Ila. Sanskrit for ‘earth’, the ancient earth is at the heart of Ila’s philosophy. Entirely natural, everything in these fragrant potions are a plant or mineral extract. Developed in the Himalayas by nurse and yoga guru, Denise Leicester, you’d be hard pushed to find superior lotions in their ingredients and their healing qualities.

Tabitha is introducing two wonderful new treatments for Spring, which you can enjoy in her studio or in your own home…

A detoxifying treatment which starts with either a full body or foot scrub using Ila’s energising juniper, geranium, lemongrass, himalayan salt and argan oil scrub. This really makes your skin feel smooth and moisturised. This is followed by a deep massage using a detoxifying blend of oils on your body and feet making time to work on your lymphatic system. She ends the treatment with a clay mask for the face to draw out impurities together with a soothing face and scalp massage. An hour and a half treatment is £70 at her house or £80 if she comes to you.

A Rose Bliss treatment starts with a rose and jasmine body or foot scrub; Tabitha then massages your body with a nurturing blend of oils to balance the hormones. To finish, she applies a rose clay mask and massages the feet. An hour and a half treatment is £70 at her house or £80 if she comes to you.

Some more Ila products that she recommends for the summer…

The Vital Body Oil (geranium, lemongrass and juniper) is perfect to apply after the bath or the shower.
The Rose Bliss Body Cream (rose, tuberose and sandalwood) is pure luxury.
The Kundalini Body Lotion is liquid yoga – intensely feminine and full of nourishing jasmine essential oil.
The Rose Body Balm is rich and moisturising to the max, particularly after the sun.
The Rose Bliss Bath Oil turns your bath into a milky paradise.
Candles come in rose, jasmine or orange blossom and are perfect for burning on summer evenings…

Tabitha Robertson has a treatment studio at 31 Dundonald Road, London NW10 3HP. You can ring her on 07960 334133 or email her at

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  1. Hi Tabitha

    I was given your name by the SYC. I am 7 months pregnant and keen to have a massage from someone qualified in pregnancy yoga. Could you let me know if you do this and what the cost and timing might be?

    Many thanks

    PS I live locally and am happy to come to you

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