Hey Mistah! We want one of your prints…

At the Saturday before last’s splendid and as-promised, sunny (wetoldyouso!) Kensal Flea, we hope you feasted your eyes on Kensal Rising, Mistah’s heroic homage to all things Kensal.

We adore the print! It’s bursting with local life making it perfect for any local home and it captures some of the best spots in the area in astonishingly awesome detail. Not to mention the fact that Mistah donates £10 from each sale towards the Sustainability Institute, as supported by The Lexi Cinema which can be found right in the heart of the picture, and the community.

As we also predicted, nearly all of these limited-edition prints sold like hot cakes or maybe more like Rebel Bakery cakes but never fear! If you didn’t manage to get your hands on one and would like to, or were crazy enough to miss the Flea (and you’d better have a really good excuse), you can visit Mistah’s website today and nab yourself one, just make sure you hurry!

Local man Mistah originally hails from Elephant & Castle and grew up scribbling away his surrounding urban landscape. He’s now a successful graphic designer inspired by typography, architecture, music and urban art forms and cites the freedom to create and be creative as his driving force.

His musical icon series are iconic themselves and Mistah is currently offering YOU the chance to win one of the limited-edition prints – Hendix, Jagger, Lennon or McCartney is up to you! Just sign up to his mailing list here and let Mistah know which Music Icon – past or present – you’d like to see immortalised in his signature style. Good luck! We’d enter if we hadn’t already bought one!

Pictured left: Mistah’s Self-Portrait in Words


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