The Detox Kitchen

Taste the Detox Kitchen tomorrow at Kensal Flea at the Paradise and chat to them about their delicious, seasonal and nutritious detox diet programmes direct to your door.

My name is Juliet. And I’m an addict. Since experiencing this delicious delivery service I have been in danger of becoming a detoxaholic. Thankfully Doron’s punchy flat whites at Minkie’s and the thought of a full English Breakfast at the Tabernacle keep me in check.

I’ve never been good at dieting – all that will power, pre-planning what you’re going to eat and abstinence. I’m impulsive and I’m greedy. And every single one of my Hampsteads is a super-sweet one.

So when gorgeous Kensal Greener Sheena Skinner suggested I tried out her nutritious food delivery service she’s created with her lovely chef friend Lily, I pounced at the chance. All your vitamins and supplements, breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon bite, supper and dessert landing on your doorstep every morning in one wham-bam-here-you-are-ma’am. Nice. The truth is I only wished I was an actual celebrity and could use their service every week. (Super models, pop stars, actresses – you name it, they’re on it – but I wouldn’t be so indiscreet to tell you who… Maybe try and find the lovely Sheena on Saturday at Kensal Flea to prize that info out of her over a freshly squeezed juice.)

EXCLUSIVE OFFER They are kindly offering Park Life readers 10% discount until May. Use this code when booking through their website and get a chunk shaved off your bill (and your waistline!) ’12TDHEG12′.

sample menu

Shot of the day: wheatgrass
Breakfast: porridge with berries and oat milk
Snack: melon, apple and celery juice and a pot of walnuts
Lunch: prawn, aubergine and lentil bake
Snack: hummous and crudités
Dinner: sweet potato and zingy beetroot salad
Snack: cinnamon baked apples and raisins

Yum. Nutrious, low-calory, superhealthy and DELICIOUS. Who knew detoxing could be so satisfying?

The Detox Kitchen delivers daily to most Central, West and South West London postcodes from £29.99. (07967 301 754;

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