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Island on the Rise, Caribbean restaurant

Our favourite local Caribbean restaurant Island on the Rise on Station Terrace, NW10 (020 8969 0405) lured in our Cornershop Cuisine columnist, fresh from a Barbados trip… ‘What? Queens Park now has a Caribbean restaurant?’ you cry. Actually, no. That’s Queens Park, Barbados where my winter getaway offered an easy headline and the opportunity to cross-check [...]

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William IV’s Tapas & Wine Wednesdays

Resident foodie, and the chap behind Park Life’s cult Cornershop Cuisine column, pays a visit to the William IV on Harrow Road for the launch of the pub’s Wine & Tapas evenings. (Wednesdays, 7.30pm ; tickets £15. William IV is at 786 Harrow Road, London NW10 5JX; 020 8969 5955) It’s been a while since [...]

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Cornershop Cuisine… In Tokyo

Jon tries – and fails – to inspire us with ingredients picked up from a far-flung foray… Hello! It’s been ages, hasn’t it? Where have I been? Funny you should ask; mainly losing my mind on prescription medicine in Tokyo hotel rooms. Seriously. For days on end. I think I might have developed a split [...]

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Cornershop cuisine… Hangover helper, part 2: Choc mayo cake

So, if you’ve satisfied your savoury cravings on the mornings after the night before with my Breakfast Pasty recipe and that still leaves an itch asking to be scratched, try that Blue Peter classic the Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake… Try it, you might like it. I did say might. Ingredients: 2 cups flour 1/2 cup cocoa [...]

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Cornershop cuisine… Hangover helper, part 1: Breakfast Pasty

Shouts out for comments on the first blog. Nice to know model of a chef Sophie Dahl is a keen follower. All lies of course, still she is a local. (Hello Sophie, if you’re reading.) Without your say, no one read my first Cornershop Cuisine coloumn as far as I know. Feel like I’m in [...]

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Introducing… Cornershop Cuisine

Each month, in his new CC column, Jon shows you how to make gourmet meals from the shizzle at your local. First installment: COOKING WITH SODA POP AND BREWING YOUR OWN. Shop: Runners 19 Chamberlayne Road, NW10; corner of Wrentham Avenue. Ingredients: Coke, cabbage, apples, eggs, bacon, ginger, bottle of Coke… Cost: Around a fiver. [...]

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